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Environment-friendly filler

Ökofüll provides you with enormous cost savings in both acquisition and disposal. Moreover, the packing of your products in an environmentally friendly manner rewards you with a positive business image.


Environment-friendly filler (Ökofüll): better for your customers

Nowadays, every discerning and environmentally conscious consumer is aware that only a small piece of Styrofoam in a package means a trip to the next special refuse collection point, or respectively, the task of tediously sorting trash. With Ökofüll, you save your customer this step because Ökofüll can be deposited together with the packaging container right into the recycled paper and cardboard repository.

Environment-friendly filler (Ökofüll): better for the environment

TEWA uses only high-quality corrugated board for the production of Ökofüll which does not pollute the environment and can therefore easily be disposed of and recycled.

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Beispiel der Verpackung mit Ökofüll