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Industrial designer Irene Hiebl

„Innovations, that is the restyling or revision as well as the
improvement of products, are the basis for future-orientedIrene Hiebl
growth. Design becomes a more and more important factor
when it comes to a sustainable positioning on the market.

A clear differentiation leads to a better recognisability. A customer-oriented display, for example, is a harmonic combination resulting from functionality, practical design and visual impact. The subconscious is reacting within seconds, and only who is able to make an impact within the first seconds, will make an impression on the customer. At the same time you help customers orient themselves: a conscious employment of your display's design in terms of form and colour help transport the basic information you want your product to convey. To fully exploit this potential is our concern. We develop solutions in cooperation with our customers for their products, to be sure that they fit the product perfectly and support an optimal positioning on the market. One thing we know for sure: only those who distinguish themselves, are noticed. In the first place customers buy products who appeal on an emotionally, and the first impression plays an important role in the customer's buying behaviour."

Customers buy emotions - let's offer them some!